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High-Quality Quartz Surfaces at Affordable Prices

Since its founding in 2011, China-based Sodo has been supplying customers all over the world with expertly crafted quartz slabs & countertops.


Our Heritage Collections

Get Your FREE Custom Sample to Feel Our Quality.

Sodo has sent hundreds of samples to professional quartz distributors, builders, countertop factories, etc., and has received positive feedback both domestically and internationally.

Fashion Accessories
Your Color Quartz Stone, Within Reach
Removing Impurities

Removing the Impurities is the core.

After purchasing qualified raw materials from reliable suppliers, Sodo’s skillful workers will use advanced color sorting machine to ensure manufacturing 93% quartz products for your business.

Vacuum Compression

Compression is an indispensable process.

With all the preparation, the mixtures will be conveyed by our conveyor belt, and then compressed by a curing oven, which is up to 80 Celsius to shape a designated quartz slab for your market.


Excellent Surface treatment is the key.

The quality of surface treatment also has a great influence on quartz stone design. After cutting the slabs catering for your different applications, we will then polish every detail of the products.

Quality Control

We take quality as a priority!

At Sodo, our skillful QC worker will carefully inspected the surface, format, design of the engineered quartz stones to ensure the products fit your needs before logistics.

Tailormade Solutions for Different Applications


Here, you have the widest options of quartz slabs, covering color, pattern, edge designs.



We can offer three types of texture options caterring for your fuctions and preferances.



Different applications need different formats, we engineer the custom ones based on your specifications.

Our Ongoing Inspiration
What Our Clients Say

Distributor, UK

After a month of collaboration, we are pleased with your comprehensive services and high-quality slabs. We also appreciate your promptness, honesty, and professionalism. Keep up the good work!


Import director, Forza Stone

We have found Sodo to be a very friendly, professional, and dedicated factory to work with. We all had a great experience working alongside them.

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