1What's the MOQ?
The MOQ of the products depends on the style and format you order.
2Can I get a sample before ordering?
Yes, you can. However you would need to cover the fees including shipping, and the sample fee will be returned when you make an order.
3How long is your lead time?
It depends on the size of your order. Since we produce rattan in our own factory, our lead time is much shorter than others.
4Can I customize my furniture if I don't have a design?
Of course. No matter it's a rough idea, a photo or a drawing, don't hesitate to contact us. You can also make modifications to our existing designs.
5Where can I use Sodo quartz?
InspireQuartz is ideal for any interior residential or commercial surface, including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, furniture and desktops, wall panels, shower and tub surrounds, seats and caps, wall panels, flooring, fireplace surrounds, window sills, work surface areas, reception desks, molding, conference tables, food prep surfaces, and inlays.
6How does InspireQuartz compare to other surfaces?
InspireQuartz is comprised mostly of quartz, which is harder and stronger than granite. The resin binder acts as a sealant, which makes the entire surface completely non-porous. No other surface combines the uncompromising beauty of natural marble and other stones with the durable scratch and stain resistance of InspireQuartz.