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Quartz Brand

Why do we need to care about other quartz brands?

​There is a saying in “The Art of War”: “Know your enemy, know yourself, and you will win a hundred battles.”The same goes for the business world. Whether you are learning about the quartz industry today or are already importing quartz, I think you need to know some of the best quartz brands in the world.

At present, the quartz stone manufacturers in the world are mainly divided into these two groups: 1. The manufacturers who are using Bretonstone Slab Plants; 2. The manufacturers who are using Chinese quartz Slab Plants.

High-End Quartz Brands

Let me start by listing the brands of quartz surfaces that use Bretonstone Slab Plants around the world: 1. “CIMSTONE” from Turkey 2. “BELENCO” from Turkey 3. “CAESARSTONE” from Israel 4. “Cambria” from the USA 5. “Corian” Quartz from Canada 6. “DIRESCO” from Belgium 7. “Totemquartz” from Iran 8. “Silestone” from Spain 9. “Hanstone” from South Korea 10. LG “VIATERA” in the US 11. “PLAZASTONE” from Russia 12. “QUANTRA” of Pokarna India 13. “Quarella” from Italy 14. “Quartzforms” from Germany 15. “Santa Margherita” from Italy 16. “Okite” from Italy 17. “Stoneitaliana” from Italy 18. “Compac” from Portugal 19. “VICOSTONE” from Vietnam 20. “Technistone” from Czech Because Bretonstone Slab Plants are selling at a very high price, only a few people can afford them. The brands listed above are those that currently use the Bretonstone Slab Plants in the world. Their positioning is very high, and the price of their quartz products must be high.

Mid-range quartz brands

In every market, there are buyers who are willing to pay a high price, while more are looking for a high value for money. As a result, many markets have mid-range quartz brands that cater to the needs of consumers. For example: There are also a few quartz brands that are well-known in individual markets, such as: Smartstone, Quantumquartz, and StoneAmbassador; are well-known in the Australian market and are popular with consumers. And also like, QuartzMaster in the United States, iQuartz in Singapore, and so on. All of them do not have their own quartz production plants, but they are buying from the world’s outstanding quartz manufacturers. (Especially from China’s factories) They are known as Brand Manufacturers. All well-known brands in various countries, spend a lot on marketing, and they lead the trend of their local markets. Cimstone and Belenco in Turkey, for example, have largely influenced quartz trends in the Turkey market. Caesarstone from Israel has had a big impact on the quartz trend in Israel, in the Palestinian market, and in most markets around the world. (Now Caesarstone also has a production line in the United States.) All buyers from all over the world know that the custom from the USA now imposes high anti-dumping and countervailing duties on Chinese quartz products, exported to the United States, thanks to Cambria. So, nowadays, there are a lot of American quartz buyers, who have to go to India, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Turkey, these countries to find new suppliers of Quartz. Before this, they mostly went to Chinese suppliers to buy quartz products. So, now the quartz manufacturers in China, have a lot fewer orders than before, and they have much capacity available. If you come to China now to purchase quartz slabs and countertops, basically you do not have to worry about the delivery date.

What about having your own quartz brand? If you have engaged in stone wholesale for many years, you also have your distribution channels; then, we also suggest that you create a quartz brand of your own. It will belong to yourself. It’s not complicated. We can help you with sample kits, catalogs, flyers, website building, or other necessary branding affairs. We have also helped our clients build successful brands such as Sodostone, Novaestone, Inspirequartz, Ecostones, Anova Quartz Stone, and so on.

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