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At Sodo, our goal is to develop a win-win business mode for every partner.
  • If you are currently running, or considering starting, your own brand of quartz countertops business, we can offer complementary branding OEM services to support your endeavor.

  • If you are interested in becoming part of the Sodo global network, we can provide you with our latest products tailored to your market on an ongoing basis.

Extensive Marketing Support

We can offer different marketing materials, including the catalog, sample kit, sample stand, website etc.


How to Become Our Distributor

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You should submit your information to us using the table below.

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After we receive your application, our business consultants will get in touch with you within a short period.

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We will conduct a company audit of your business.

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After reaching an agreement, we will sign a contract and successfully become partners.

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Sodo will offer you an extensive marketing support and protect your market.

Become a Distributor

Thanks for submitting!

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