Raw Material Selection

Sodo only accepts raw materials, like quartz, titanium dioxide, resin, etc. from top5 reliable suppliers, and our worker will use different machines to select the qualified materials.
  • Removing impurity
  • Classifying Materials
Raw material selection-quartz slab manufacturing-Step 1
Quartz slab manufacturing-photo1

Slab Engineering

At Sodo, each slab will be shaped after 5 precise steps, including:
  • Burdened by compounder
  • Automatic blending
  • Conveyed by feeding platform
  • Compressed by vacuum and vibration machines
  • Shaping by curing oven
Slab engineering-quartz slab manufacturing-Step 2
Quartz slab manufacturing-photo2

Surface Finish

Several times polishing processes on slabs surface to remove scratches and stains
  • Cutting Slabs
  • Surface Treatment
Surface finish-quartz slab manufacturing-Step 3
Quartz slab manufacturing-photo3

Quality Assurance

All finished products will be inspected by experienced workers.
  • Shape/ Thickness Inspection
  • Scratches Inspection
Quality assurance-quartz slab manufacturing-Step 4
Quartz slab manufacturing-photo4


According to your packaging option, we will then package our products carefully in designated packagings for your business.
Packaging-quartz slab manufacturing-Step 5
Quartz slab manufacturing-photo5