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Where is China’s largest wholesale marble center?

Where is China’s largest wholesale marble center?

The largest marble wholesale center in China is Shuitou Town, Nan’an City, Fujian Province;

Yes, it is a place name, and this whole town is also like a wholesale center; almost every corner of this town is doing the stone business.

Why is Shuitou Town?

Shuitou is the stone capital of China;

1. There are a large number of stone practitioners in Shuitou;

wholesalers from all over China will come to Shuitou to purchase stone: marble, granite, travertine, engineered stone, prefabricated countertops, and so on;

If you are a natural stone quarry owner from Italy, Spain, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, and other countries, and want to promote your stone quarry, then Shuitou will be your best choice. Your probability of success here is much greater than in other places.

2. There are a large number of natural stone fabrication plants in Shuitou;

The most outstanding natural stone companies in China are here, such as UMGG, Kangli; Dongsheng; BestCheer, and other large-scale natural stone companies that you know are all in Shuitou;

3. There are many kinds of stones here.

Category: natural marble, natural granite; natural travertine; natural onyx; stone mosaic; artificial marble; engineered quartz; precast cement terrazzo; artificial travertine;

And also countertop fabrication plants; tombstone processing plants; column processing plants, and so on;

How to go to Shuitou?

The nearest airport to Shuitou Town is Xiamen International Airport, China;

But you may not fly directly to Xiamen from your city;

Then you can fly to Hong Kong, Shanghai, or Beijing first, and then transit to Xiamen;

For example, you take a plane to Hong Kong; then take a flight from Hong Kong to Xiamen;

Xiamen is very close to Shuitou; You can contact your friends from Shuitou to pick you up from the airport;

Or you can take a taxi to Shuitou town from the airport by yourself;

Before that, you can book a hotel in Xiamen, or you can book a hotel in Shuitou town for accommodation;

By the way, before you come to China, you must have a visa first (after the epidemic is over).

During the current covid epidemic, if you want to come to China, it is also possible.

You will need to stay in a hotel for a long time, at least 14-28 days(for quarantine).

If you need further details, you can contact me. We are happy to assist you.

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