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Solid Surface VS Quartz


Today, let’s compare the quartz countertop with the solid surface countertop. When consumers choose their kitchen countertops, they will encounter two options, one is a quartz stone countertop, and the other is a solid surface material; From the appearance, these two products are sometimes difficult to distinguish. You need to compare them carefully to find the difference between the two choices.

Solid surface countertop

1. Composition of solid surface

There are two classifications for solid surfaces, one is Pure Acrylic, and the other is compound acrylic.

The components of pure acrylic are mainly aluminum powder and acrylic resin, pigments, etc.; The composition of compound acrylic is mostly aluminum powder and a small amount of acrylic resin, as well as unsaturated polyester resin, colors, etc .;

The difference between them is that there is a different percentage of acrylic resin. Because the cost of acrylic resin is higher. Adding less can reduce the cost of production materials. Most of the high-end Solid surface material brands will say that their products are pure acrylic.

(Maybe you don’t know. There are still some manufacturers. When they choose raw materials, they do not use aluminum powder, but use marble powder, to reduce costs. Using marble powder, the quality of the solid surface will be worse than aluminum powder because the composition of marble is calcium carbonate, not resistant to acid.)

2. The solid surface material is softer than quartz stone, and it is easy to process, you can use some woodworking machinery to fabricate solid surfaces. And it can be seamlessly joint, and no seams are apparent.

Quartz countertop

In the kitchen countertop world, quartz countertops are a newer entrant than the solid surface.

The main components of engineered quartz are 92% natural quartz, unsaturated polyester resin, pigments, coupling agent, curing agents, and other ingredients. Sometimes glass chips, granite sands, sea sand, and other materials are added.

In the countertops world, many people think that natural stone is considered high-end, after all, solid surface material and quartz stone are artificial and can only regard as middle-end.

In my opinion, the way to distinguish the high-end and mid-range, the focus is on the price. If the price is high, then it is high-end.

Natural stone also has very cheap products; there are also costly materials for quartz countertops and solid surface countertops, what do you think?



Solid Surface Countertops

The warranty terms for solid surface countertops will require that you do not place objects that are too hot on the surface of the solid surface, such as a hot frying pan, not directly on the surface of the solid surface.

Because the local high temperature may cause the problem of swelling of the solid surface material, if it places at the joint position, cracks may also occur.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are more heat-resistant than solid surface materials;

Because artificial quartz stones contain resin, in theory, when the temperature is high enough, quartz surfaces may catch fire. However, in the kitchen environment, such high temperatures can not be achieved.

Similarly, we also recommend that you do not place hot objects on the surface of the quartz stone countertops. Local high temperatures will also cause the problem of quartz surface swelling.


Solid Surface Countertops Do not cut things directly on the surface of the solid surface; otherwise, it will cause scratches. But one of the excellent points about solid surface materials is that the scratches are easy to polish and repair, and homeowners can sand and repolish them at home without the need for professional maintenance personnel to come to service.

Quartz Countertops Quartz surface is harder than natural marble. At the same time, quartz stone countertops are harder and more abrasion-resistant than solid surface materials. Still, we also recommend that you do not cut things directly on the quartz stone countertops, although they are less likely to scratch.


Natural marble and natural granite, if used for countertops, will require waterproofing or other surface protection treatments. Because natural stone generally has tiny holes. Moreover, after a few years of use, it needs to be re-waterproofing. The solid surface material and quartz surface have no holes, do not need waxing, and do not need waterproof treatment; this is one of their advantages over natural stone. And:

1. Waterproof materials also have various quality levels; if the quality is not right, consumers are afraid to use them; after all, the countertop is in direct contact with food. 2. The cost of waterproof materials and waterproof treatment will make the selling price of countertops to be higher.


If you want to purchase solid surface material or quartz stone from China;

  1. Their price is related to your purchase quantity;

  2. The factory wholesale price of solid surface material and quartz stone is not much different;

  3. The cost of different designs will be different.

You are welcome to contact us for the latest quartz stone prices. And we can also provide FOB China prices for solid surface materials for your reference and analysis.


If you prefer materials that are more similar to natural stone, then the quartz surface is better than the solid surface material. (More than 90% made of natural quartz) However, the solid surface material can be deformed to make flowing shapes such as arcs through proper heating; this cannot achieve by quartz stone. At the same thickness and size, quartz stone will also be more unwieldy than solid surface materials. At present, the thickness of solid surface material is mainly 12mm, while quartz stone contains 13mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm, etc .; it varies according to different markets’ needs.

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