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Quartz surface made with (China machine VS Breton machine)

Quartz surface made with China machine VS quartz surface made with Breton machine

To facilitate our expression, we will use “China Quartz” to represent a quartz surface made with a China machine; and “Breton Quartz” to describe a quartz surface made with a Breton machine;

1. Quality

Many people say that the quality of Breton Quartz is better than that of China Quartz; maybe you are right, but the quality of China Quartz is also excellent;

From these two perspectives, we can prove the quality of China Quartz:

NSF, GreenGuard tested China Quartz from many quartz surface manufacturers; and offered certification; this proved that the quality of China Quartz is good enough;

Many major international brands choose to buy China Quartz and print their logo; (OEM)

For example:

CXXXXXStone from Israel (many people say it is the world’s NO.1 quartz brand. I agree.);

TXXXXStone from the Czech Republic;

CXXXXXStone from Turkey;

HXXX, LXXX, and other brands from South Korea;

These top brands in the quartz industry have all chosen to buy China Quartz, affix their brand logos, and then sell them all over the world;

2. Price

The price of China Quartz is lower than that of Breton Quartz;

There are reasons for this:

The price of the Breton quartz production line is very high, as far as I know, a production line will cost at least 20 million euros;

The quartz production lines produced in China, whether it is KEDA or Veegoo, or the other brands of Chinese quartz production lines; the price is around one million euros per line; (Depending on the configuration.)

Breton Quartz’s equipment investment is so high; therefore, the price of its quartz stone will naturally be higher.

Breon Quartz’s market positioning is all high-end positioning;

What is high-end positioning? High selling price.

If dumping at low prices, then no high-end.

3. Delivery time

The lead time of China Quartz depends on the quantity of your order.

Under normal circumstances; if you order a 20-foot container with one quartz color, the delivery time is generally within one month;

I’m not sure about the delivery date of Breton Quartz.

I estimate that if there is no stock, the delivery time will generally be longer; because the Breton line is an automated production line;

Each time a quartz color is produced, it will make a significant quantity to save the cost and then shift to other colors.

4. Service

The service of China Quartz depends on which supplier you contact; some are perfect; some may not satisfy you, but most of China Quartz’s services are relatively good; otherwise, you can contact us to have a try.

What services include?

Fast response;

If it happens to be daytime on working days in China, then most of the suppliers’ response speed is relatively fast; you can receive a reply within 24 hours;

Free samples and brochures

An old Chinese saying: Wool comes out of sheep’s back(Nothing comes for free).

The price of China Quartz is not high; therefore, the number of free samples and advertising brochures that can provide is limited;

If you need many samples and advertising brochures to promote and contact potential customers, there are ways:

You can buy samples and advertising brochures at a relatively low price. (Or share the cost with your suppliers)

Free express delivery

For a small number of samples, China Quartz suppliers can help you bear the courier fee;

If it is a sample with a relatively large weight, then a high courier fee will incur (we recommend that you load the heavy sample package together with goods in the container.)

I think, whether it is from China or Italy, suppliers will do the same.


No one can guarantee 100% good quality all the time, whether it is China Quartz or Breton Quartz.

Since everyone is likely to encounter quality problems, buyers care more about whether the supplier can take responsibility rather than blindly shirk responsibility.

It depends on the quality of the supplier, not the place of origin.

5. Branding (OEM)

China Quartz welcomes buyers from all over the world to purchase China quartz and print your logo on the back of each quartz slab;

Breton Quartz may also be possible, but the requirements for MOQ will be very high.

All in all, the quartz surface made with China machine VS quartz surface made with Breton machine

Which one is better? Both of them are good.

The key is whether you want to buy a few slabs to decorate your house or import a few containers for distribution.

It depends on your purpose.

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