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4 tips for you to purchase quartz slabs in China – Part II

3. The reason for you to come to China to purchase quartz stone.

Are you buying quartz stone from China just because it is cheap, is it just because China’s quartz stone is cost-effective? Can Chinese quartz stone ONLY be used as a low-end option? No, today’s quartz in China is not only cost-effective. China’s quartz stone has its advantages. Compared with the world-famous quartz stone brand, China’s quartz stone has already achieved overtaking in corners.

For example, we can produce a lot of quartz design in Calacatta series, while world-famous quartz brands can only supply a few Calacatta design quartz. Because China’s production line can do the manual operation, we can develop more complex colors in a short period, but international brands, they use BRETON quartz plant, they are fully automatic production lines, if they want to develop New colors, it requires a long time and a significant investment.

Today, when you come to China to purchase quartz stone. If you still choose only standard colors, such as crystal white, crystal black, or pure white, ultra white. These series are very popular, you and your competitors both know their market price, you can’t earn more margin with these series. Your competitors can even grab your customers by adding less profit. My suggestions is that: you can take the lead and give priority to trendy colors, such as the Calacatta series quartz, or other complicated quartz design to make your quartz brand unique. Only differentiated can make you get relatively good profit. what do you think?

4. How can you earn money by purchasing Chinese quartz stone?

I want to provide a suggestion for your reference. It’s not that you can buy the cheapest Chinese-made quartz stone to make money. I want to say that you can consider some in the long run.

4.1. You can become an exclusive distributor of an excellent Chinese quartz stone brand in your local market.

An excellent Chinese quartz stone brand, this brand already has supporting swatch sample books, advertising catalogs, website, label, slabs stickers, continuous new design development, stable quality, strict quality control, and some also keep stocks in China warehouse. It will not require MOQ on these stocking items.

4.2. You can have your quartz stone brand Your brand, the initial investment is relatively large, for example, if you choose 14 items in the beginning, then you need to stock them all, each color may take 15pcs slabs at least. You need to do a sample book; you need to make an advertising book, you need to do a website, you need some corresponding promotional materials. But in the long run, it is beneficial to you, you can find any Chinese or Indian quartz stone manufacturers to provide OEM services. Whether you are acting as a Chinese quartz stone brand exclusive distributor or promoting your quartz brand, you can look for distributors to cooperate in your market, or distribute the slabs to some fabricators, or you can do some projects yourself. If you are interested, we can discuss it in depth and look forward to your reply.

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