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4 tips for you to purchase quartz slabs in China – Part I

1. Location considerations: Shandong, Fujian, Guangdong and other locations.

There are many manufacturers of quartz stone in China, from Xinjiang to Fujian, from Heilongjiang Province to Guangxi Province, but not every province. There are many production lines in Shandong Province, and there are many production lines in Guangdong Province.

However, it is not that Guangdong Province is China’s best, nor that Shandong Province is China’s worst. There are many production lines in Guangdong Province. There are some high-end and low-end factories. After all, the boss of each factory has his ideas, only he knows.

The Chinese government does not mandate that all manufacturers in Guangdong Province should focus on high-end. And the Chinese government has not mandated that all manufacturers in Shandong Province should focus on the low end.

However, most of the Shandong quartz stone manufacturers will have a relatively low positioning, and most of Guangdong’s manufacturers are focusing on the higher part of the market, I mean most of them.

So what about the provinces outside Guangdong and Shandong?

Fujian Province has a well-known stone capital: Shuitou Town. There are also several factories that produce quartz stone. There are also several factories with high positioning.

When you come to China next time, you may wish to contact me; I can show you about them.

There are very few manufacturers in other provinces, and some provinces are inland in China, which is not convenient for shipping.

2. The sample and price are ok, and there is no guarantee that the whole container cargos will be ok.

Many people can choose an excellent looking sample to deliver to the customer, and then offer a low price to attract customers to place an order. Even if you have come to China to inspect the factory, after you place an order, it is impossible to live in China for 30 days to supervise the factory production and delivery.

At this time, your supplier may choose cheap raw materials, such as second resin, inexpensive titanium dioxide and other raw materials for production.

Even if you receive the product, you may not be able to see the difference in quality at first. But after half a year, some white quartz stones may start to yellow, and then you have a headache.

The solution is to find a medium-sized or large-scale factory to cooperate with and find a professional supplier (such as us) to work. The price can’t be too low so that the suppliers also have the profit to earn, and then they will make sure to produce good quality quartz slabs for you. I will share the above two tips with you today. If you are interested, I will share the next two tips with you.

I look forward to your reply and wish you a happy weekend!

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